Overstreet enjoyed day on Georgia Supreme Court

Judge Carlisle Overstreet served as a guest justice Monday on the Georgia Supreme Court in Atlanta.

Carlisle Overstreet considered his one-day stint on the bench of Georgia’s highest court the equivalent of jamming with the Beatles.


Augusta’s chief Superior Court judge had the honor Monday to serve as a guest justice for the day on the Georgia Supreme Court in Atlanta.

“It was very interesting and fun to be in the middle of it,” Overstreet said Wednesday.

Overstreet, who was appointed to the Augusta Superior Circuit in 1991, had met the justices before, but this was his first experience sitting on the bench. Jane Hansen, the court’s public information officer, said the court keeps a list of available judges to sit in on a case when a justice has to recuse himself. She said that doesn’t happen often.

Over­street stepped in for Justice David E. Nahmias in the appeal of a Floyd County case, Adriaan Tate v. Tony Howerton.

Overstreet, 66, said it was a pleasure working with the justices, whom he found to be as down-to-earth as judges in any circuit. His advice for a lawyer bringing a case before the Georgia Supreme Court is to examine the personality and history of the judges.