Judge recuses himself from Augusta Commission bribery case

Superior Court Judge Carl Brown has recused himself from a case after his daughter was hired to represent David Fry on bribery charges.


The court order signed Dec. 6 shows that DaCara Brown was hired as the attorney of record Dec. 1.

“To avoid any potential conflict, it is therefore necessary for the case to be assigned to another judge,” the order states.

Records show the case is now assigned to Sup­erior Court Judge James Blanchard.

An indictment alleges that in August 2009, Fry offered Augusta Commission members Corey Johnson and Alvin Mason a contract to operate a parking deck if they voted to build the nearby Trade, Exhibit and Event Center.

He was later indicted on two counts of bribery.

In November, Fry was set to enter an Alford plea, which acknowledges a guilty verdict is likely but doesn’t admit guilt, and is treated as a guilty plea. After a back-and-forth discussion between Fry’s attorney at the time, Pete Theodocion, and Assistant District Attorney Adam King, Brown said it was obvious there was a disagreement about the definition of bribery.

He ordered the case go to trial early in 2012.

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