Man denied bond in deadly shooting at Augusta car wash

More than a year after burying their youngest son, Eric Wright’s parents got their first look Friday at the man who, investigators say, shot him in a car-wash parking lot.


Jonathan Lee Felton was extradited to Augusta from Pennsylvania 10 days ago after spending 10 months in a Philadelphia jail for a felony assault charge. On Friday, he was denied bond on a charge of murder for the death of Wright.

“It’s a relief, especially because he was denied bond,” said Wright’s father, Laverne Wright.

In making a case to deny bond, Assistant District Attorney Geoffrey Fogus said Wright had arranged last Oct. 25 to buy drugs from Felton at the Aqua Land Car Wash in the 2500 block of Tobacco Road. Fogus said that was a cover for a plan hatched by Felton to rob Wright, 22.

When Wright arrived with his girlfriend, Felton pulled a gun and pointed it at Wright, then fired several shots, Fogus said. Wright’s hands had several wounds, indicating he had put up his hands to block the bullets; he died 30 minutes later from wounds to the chest. Felton fled, leaving investigators few clues about who shot Wright, but they eventually found him using his cellphone number, Fogus said.

On Nov. 3, Wright’s girlfriend identified Felton as the gunman from a photo, Fogus said. By that point, though, Felton had fled to Pennsylvania, where he was arrested in January for an assault-related charge.

“This man poses a significant threat to any community he lives in,” Fogus said.

Superior Court Judge Bernard Mulherin said he agreed, and denied bond.

Laverne Wright said that was the first time he had heard all the details of the case; it was his understanding that his son had gone to the car wash to buy a CD player.



Fri, 01/19/2018 - 21:23

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