Bond denied for man linked to fatal nightclub shooting

Bond was denied Friday for a man linked to the Sept. 15 nightclub shooting that killed a 26-year-old woman.


Investigators say Robert Leverett Wright was driving a black Lexus outside Club 5150 when shots were fired out of the passenger-side window by Dachavous Murphy. One of the bullets traveled through the door of the club and hit Ashley Brown in the head, killing her immediately.

Wright’s criminal history, read at a bond hearing Friday, includes convictions for aggravated assault and other drug charges beginning in 2005. He is charged with murder and possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime.

In making a case to grant bond, Wright’s attorney, George Bush, said he had several disputes with the factual basis for the charges.

“There is no evidence that my client had any knowledge, participation or even possessed a firearm before, during or after this shooting,” he said.

When asked by Superior Court Judge William Fleming whether Wright was driving, Bush said he could not make a statement on that.

Fleming, who denied bond last week for Murphy, said Wright posed a threat to the community and denied him bond.

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