Candidate comments don't amuse everyone

Former Augusta first lady Gwen Fulcher Young said her comment about Republican 12th Congressional District candidate Lee Anderson in last week’s City Ink has taken on a life of its own.


Her quote that “sending Anderson to Washington would be like sending Honey Boo Boo up there” made it into Jim Galloway’s “Morning Jolt” in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

“Gwen’s gone rogue,” said her husband, former Mayor Bob Young. “All I’ve heard people talk about this week is what Gwen said about Lee Anderson and Honey Boo Boo.”

Gwen says so many people have agreed with her, she feels like the “spokeswoman of the silent majority.” Some Republican friends even invited themselves to the meet-and-greet she’s holding for incumbent Democrat John Barrow this week.


IT’S ALL IN THE STARS: “It’s been a lot of fun,” Gwen said. “Between Paul Broun saying the Earth was 9,000 years old and Lee Anderson and Honey Boo Boo, you couldn’t make up a scenario that could make us look like bigger idiots.”

Speaking to a sportsman banquet in Hartwell, Ga., last month, Broun said all the things he was taught about evolution, embryology and the Big Bang theory are “lies straight from the pit of hell” and that the earth was about 9,000 years old.

“Anderson, Honey Boo Boo and Broun are a Georgia Trifecta,” Mayor Bob said. “The stars do not line up like this but every one hundred to two hundred years.”


DROWNING THEIR SORROWS: Augusta Commissioner Joe Bowles, who lives on Milledge Road not far from the Youngs, invited Young to come to his house for a drink when Gwen has the party for Barrow.

“The problem is if I walk down to Joe’s house, I have to pass Dr. (Ricardo) Azziz’s house,” Young said, laughing. “He may need a drink worse than I do. So I’ll stop by and pick him up on the way. Rick Allen lives right around the corner. I may swing by and pick him up, too.”

Allen lost the Repub­lican primary runoff to Anderson by 159 votes after a vicious campaign that Allen says damaged his business and personal reputation.


THEY ARE NOT AMUSED: The Anderson camp sought to counter Gwen’s Honey Boo Boo remark by asking Young to write a letter to the editor of The Augusta Chronicle supporting Anderson. Don’t hold your breath until that happens.

Anderson refuses to debate Barrow, but continues to attack him through news releases, mailers and TV ads. The strategy is the less people hear him talk, the better.


UNDER ONE ROOF: Anderson and Broun will be at the CSRA Republican Women’s Club’s “Count Down to Victory Rally” dinner in the Pinnacle Club’s Crystal Room beginning at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday. Reservations are required. Tickets are $25 per person and can be purchased at the CSRA Republican Women’s Club’s Facebook page.

Anderson will also be at a private fundraiser attended by U.S. House Speaker John Boehner on Monday. It’s a crying shame we can’t be there.

A FUNNY THING HAPPENED AT THE FORUM: Democrat candidate for District Attorney Evita Paschall was absent from a fundraiser Thursday at Eastview Community Center, but Willie Saunders was there to speak for her. The moderator must have gotten thrown off by having a Saunders and a Sanders on the panel when she announced that Freddie Sanders would speak on behalf of Paschall.

Sanders, the Republican candidate for sheriff, got up to speak but Saunders came over and said, “No, I’ve got this one.”

When asked what he would have said about Paschall, Sanders said, “Vote for Ashley Wright.”

That was funny. Not so funny was an outburst from a supporter of District 1 commission candidate Bill Fennoy who was sitting behind incumbent District 1 Commissioner Matt Aitken’s wife, Melissa, and their daughter, Cecilia. The supporter complained loudly that the moderator needed to make “that little girl sit down” although the child had done nothing but move from a chair beside her mother to an empty seat a time or two, for goodness sakes.

Sanders said the man’s comments were “totally out of place.”

“It was obviously supporters of Bill Fennoy jumping on Matt Aitken’s daughter,” he said.

Only one person thought this was funny: A woman asked Sanders what he’d do as sheriff if she told him people were selling drugs in her neighborhood. He said he’d come out and put a stop to it; whereupon the woman began to laugh hysterically. Maybe she needed some drugs. Say, Xanax.


DOG BITES MAN IS NEWS AFTER ALL: Sanders’ pit bull bit him on the lip this weekend when he leaned down to pet him after giving him a bone. I suppose the dog thought Sanders was trying to take the bone back and wasn’t going to stand for it. Sanders had to go to the hospital and get eight stitches.

Back home Saturday
evening, he said the doorbell had just rung and someone had delivered a big box of bones with a note attached that said, “ Give dog one and immediately take it away from him. Love, Richard.”


GRUMPY OLD WOMEN: My sister June called me on my birthday Friday. We spent the first five minutes talking about how much younger we look than other women our age. She said her daughter’s friends in her yoga class think she’s amazing. Their mothers can’t do yoga because they can’t get up off the floor once they get down.

June’s come a long way. She said she actually ordered a dress online, although she had to get the customer representative to help her check out. I tried to help her via the phone, but it was like the blind leading the blind. We couldn’t get our computer screens to match although she said she typed in exactly what I told her to.

Every time somebody in her church dies, she takes a dish to the social hall, so she likes to talk about recipes, which I find very irritating, especially when she starts telling me how to make Brunswick stew while I’m trying to talk to her about politics.

I get so mad when she acts like she doesn’t even know what I’m talking about; we have words.

I must have shamed her because she said she’d started watching the news on TV, and Friday she said, “I’ve joined the Republican Women’s Club.”

What she said next was even more shocking: “I’m on the third book of Fifty Shades of Gray.”



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