City Ink: What people are saying about local candidates

Since all we’ve heard about for the past few months is election polls, I wanted to do one on local Augusta races and present the findings today, but everybody I called said they were voting along party lines. And I didn’t run across any independents, undecideds or voters in school board districts 1 or 8, so I gave up on it. It wasn’t a lost cause though because some of the comments were interesting.



Commission District 1: Incumbent Matt Aitken, Stanley Hawes, Bill Fennoy, Denice Traina

“None of the above.”

“Matt Aitken doesn’t come to meetings. Stanley Hawes can’t follow the rules. He hasn’t filed his financial disclosure reports. Fen­noy has already had his chance (in 2009). Denice Traina. I’ve never heard of her.”

“Denice seems to be running for all the right reasons with all the wrong ideas. You can’t do all the nice things she wants to do without money to pay for them.”


Commission District 3: Mary Davis, Ed Enoch, Cleveland O’Steen

“I’ve never heard of Cleveland O’Steen either.”

“Ed Enoch has a wealth of experience and would make a good commissioner.”


Commission District 7: Kenny Echols, Donnie Smith

“Echols says, ‘No new taxes.’ Does that mean he’s willing to raise the old ones?”

“I think Kenny Echols is the more experienced because of his career in finance and his serving on the Board of Education, although that could work against him.”

“Donnie Smith is very much engaged in working for his constituents. I think he’ll bring a level of maturity, and with the commission, it would be good to have someone who carries a gun.”


Commission Super District 9: Harold Jones, Marion Williams

“Harold Jones has been to law school and has held public office before. Marion Williams is a preacher and has abused public office before. Would you rather have a lawyer give you an argument or a preacher give you a sermon?”


State Court Solicitor: Incumbent Chuck Evans (R), Kellie McIntyre (D)

“We don’t need another McIntyre resurrection. I think Chuck Evans has proved he is capable and suitable for that position.”


Sheriff: Richard Round­tree (D), Freddie Sanders (R)

“Freddie wants to enforce the law, and Richard wants to be a social worker. We’ve heard Grateful Moth­er is going to vote for Sanders.”

“Richard Roundtree looks like he has respect in the black community. I think he’s trying to say, ‘I want to stop arresting these young people and sending them off to prison where they become hardened criminals.’ ”


Probate Judge: Harry James (D), Carleton Vaughn, (R)

“One is 5 feet tall. The other is 5 feet around.”


District Attorney: Incumbent Ashley Wright (R), Evita Paschall, (D)

“I think Ashley Wright is a proven, qualified district attorney. She knows the law. Knows how to apply it and is very, very well respected.”


State House District 125: incumbent Earnest Smith (D), David Hopper (R)

“David Hopper went bankrupt. He’s used to mishandling money, so he ought to fit right in with the system.”


State Senate District 23: incumbent Jesse Stone (R), Robert Ingham (D)

“Ingham went bankrupt, too. He said he was living beyond his means. He should be in Washington.”

“Robert’s more experienced. He’s run more times.”


U.S. 12th Congressional District: incumbent John Barrow (D), Lee Anderson (R)

“John Barrow needs to go back to Washington. Lee ought to stay on the farm.”

“Only a farmer would think the voters would buy a pig in a poke.”


TO BE FAIR, HONEY BOO BOO CANNOT DRIVE A TRACTOR: Former Augusta first lady Gwen Young’s comment that sending Lee Anderson to Congress would be like sending Honey Boo Boo there has appeared in media outlets all over the country, including Atlanta, San Francisco, Connecticut and New York. It was the lead story Friday on WRDW-TV in Augusta. Gwen said CNN had also called husband Bob to interview him about her comment and then posted a story on

The CNN interviewer asked Bob about his political affiliation, and he said, “I’m a Republican, but Lee Ander­son sure makes it hard.”


TURN THE AK-47 JUST A LITTLE TO THE LEFT. PERFECT! Woody Merry and CSRA Help, the citizen activist group that launched a plan to fight crime in Harrisburg by patrolling the streets after dark with cameras in hand, got off to a roaring start Friday.

“We had a shooting on Hicks Street tonight and an armed robbery in which the victim was shot at,” Karen at CSRA Help wrote in an e-mail Saturday. “If you all hear of any witnesses, please let us know.”

A second e-mail from Karen stated, “We are looking for the real name of a young black male known as lil’ goon and another young black male known as Trevon. They hang out around the 2000 block of Broad Street.”


SNEAKY SNAKES: CSRA Help also has a plan to curtail illegal drug deals in Harrisburg as outlined in this e-mail:

“Most of the locations where the drugs are being stashed are actually outdoors. One of our members raises chickens. She is all the time finding and capturing chicken (black) snakes. They are very aggressive and they will strike, but they are nonpoisonous. Her and her husband do not like to kill the snakes, they simply relocate them. They have been provided the locations of known drug hiding places. You can figure the rest out ... The drug dealers are clever, no doubt, but we are even more clever!!!”


ECONO LODGE BLUES: CSRA Help is also running an ad in The Chronicle documenting Roundtree’s disciplinary record while he was with the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office. If they print one particular report in its entirety, a few folks might be looking for divorce lawyers Monday.


THE MAN WHO WOULD BE KING THINKS HE ALREADY IS: During Georgia Health Sciences University Presi­dent Ricardo Azziz’s State of the Enterprise Address last week, he indirectly told folks who want to Save the A what he thinks about them:

“Some in our community are not yet ready or prepared to embrace and accept a strong and growing university in their midst.”

Translation: Some of the local Augusta yokels still don’t know what hit them when I blew into town and refuse to embrace a strong and growing stronger Azziz in their midst.

“Nor do they fully comprehend that their success and future, and that of the city, is intimately tied to how well the university does. But I know that with time and continued education and engagement, those who oppose our progress and change will soon embrace the vision of this great American university.”

Translation: Nor are they smart enough to understand what’s good for them, which is intimately tied to how well Azziz does. But I know if I keep using bureaucratic, four-syllable, high-flown words long enough, they will soon see things my way and embrace the vision of this great American – Azziz.

He said change is unavoidable.

“I believe that the best way to predict and control our future is to create it, which is what we are doing today. Deliberately and methodically reinventing tomorrow’s university for the citizens of our region and for the peoples of the world.”

Translation: I believe the best way to stay a jump ahead of everybody else and in control is to act like a megalomaniac and say what I want the future to be and then do whatever I have to do to make it happen, which is what I am doing today and what I did when I started a phony school naming campaign and then deliberately and methodically invented the name I wanted and pushed it on the citizens of our region and the peoples of the world.



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