Leadership change ahead for SRS's largest contractor



Savannah River Site’s largest contractor will see its fifth leadership change in eight years when its chief executive retires next month.

Carol Johnson, president and CEO of Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, on Tuesday notified employees she would return to the “personal plans that were placed on hold” in June 2014 when she came out of a short retirement to return to SRS, where she first started her career in 1981.

About 5,000 of the site’s 12,000 employees work for SRNS, a Fluor Corp.-managed partnership that runs the installation for the Department of Energy.

Johnson’s letter says she will be replaced in September by another long-time nuclear industry veteran, Stuart MacVean, who just six months ago resigned as president and project manager for Savannah River Remediation, the site’s liquid waste contractor.

Johnson said MacVean is currently working as the vice president of operations for Fluor Government Group’s Environmental and Nuclear Business.

A SNRS spokeswoman on Wednesday said she had no additional information on the leadership transition other than what was in Johnson’s letter.

Prior to returning to SRS two years ago, Johnson was president and project manager of Washington Closure Hanford, the contractor leading the $2.4 billion environmental cleanup of a 220-square-mile site at the Columbia River Corridor near Richland, Wash.

Johnson replaced Dwayne Wilson, who left for another position with Fluor. The SRNS chief executive position has changed on average every two years since the company won the Energy Department contract to operate and manage the site in 2008.

Earlier this month the Energy Department awarded SRNS a 22-month extension on the contract.

Johnson’s letter thanked employees for their work during the past two years.

“We have delivered results to our customers, made great strides toward making SRNS a compelling place to work and we are making the world safer because of you and your dedicated commitment to SRS,” she said.

At Savannah River Remediation, MacVean was responsible for assuring the safe operation of all liquid waste facilities. He also managed high-level waste operations at the West Valley Demonstration project in New York and Spent Fuel Operations at the Sellafield Site in the United Kingdom.


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