Airline merger sets field for the return of nonstop Augusta to Dallas flight



The skies could be clearing for the return of a direct flight from Augusta to Dallas, an Augusta Regional Airport official said Thursday.

With the merger of Amer­i­can Airlines and US Air­ways, Diane Johnston said a direct Dallas flight is feasible again. The Augusta airport’s marketing director began talks with US Airways representatives when rumors of a merger surfaced months ago.

American Airlines partner Amer­ican Eagle operated an Augusta-Dallas flight from June 2010 through January 2012, shortly after the airline’s parent company filed for bankruptcy protection.

“We were a new market for them and hadn’t had a chance to mature,” Johnston said.

She said direct flights to Orlando, Fla., and New York City are on the airport’s radar, but the chances are not as great as restoring the Dallas flight.

American Airlines owes Au­gus­ta Regional $107,000 after debts were frozen during bankruptcy.

Johnston said she expects the airport to be paid when the merger is complete.

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