Vintage records, comics, posters for sale at downtown's Psychotronic

Vintage vinyl records, classic movie posters, rare comic books and more collectibles are for sale at a new downtown Augusta store.


Michael and Mia Weldon, who recently moved from Chin­co­teague, Va., opened Psycho­tronic at 859½ Broad St. on Nov. 19.

The Weldons acquired their inventory from collectors, contacts in Hollywood and during travels in Europe. They do not buy or sell anything online.

“We already have regular customers just for selling records,” Michael Weldon said.

Music for sale includes jazz, rock and R&B from the 1950s to the ’90s. Jimi Hen­drix, Nirvana, The Allman Bro­thers, Elvis Presley and James Brown are a small sampling of thousands of records, Weldon said.

The Weldons married in the 1980s and opened the original Psychotronic in New York City, operating it until the early 1990s. They then ran the store in Virginia for 13 years before moving to Augusta.

The store also sells hand-blown beads, fused glass beads and jewelry made by Mia Weldon.

Michael Weldon wrote a book on horror and science fiction movies called The Psycho­tronic Encyclopedia of Film. He also published Psycho­tronic Video magazine for 20 years and was a radio disc jockey in Virginia.

The Weldons recently bought the Reid Range buil­ding, a circa-1820 building at 586 Broad St. that was on His­tor­ic Augusta’s 2012 En­dang­ered Properties list. It needs a complete restoration before Psy­cho­tro­nic moves in, Michael Weldon said.



Fri, 01/19/2018 - 21:23

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