Augusta gas prices drop below those of a year ago

Gas prices in Augusta have dropped 10 cents in the past week, but they are still high enough to keep Sharon Schroeder from going on a road trip this summer.


“The prices are just out of sight,” she said as she filled up her tank at Greg’s Gas Plus in North Augusta.

The rise in gas prices over the past several years has caused her to modify her driving habits and be more conscious of what she pays for fuel, and Schroeder said it’s going to take a price drop of more than 10 cents a gallon to give her any real relief. She tends to pay more attention to the cost of filling up her car, she said, and less to the price per gallon.

“If it stays around $60 per fill-up, that’s good,” she said. “Any higher than that, and I start feeling like I have to budget it. $60 I can do.”

Jessica Brady, a spokeswoman for AAA, said this week has seen the first improvement in gas prices over last year’s numbers. According to the AAA Fuel Gauge Report, the average price for a gallon of regular gasoline is $3.60, an improvement over $3.67 at this time last year. Brady said a decrease in global demand for fuel is driving the drop in price.

“Demand numbers really aren’t supporting gasoline at $4 per gallon,” she said.

Though a price drop of 10 cents might not seem to make a noticeable difference in a driver’s bottom line, Brady said, the idea is that there will be more room in people’s budgets to support the economy in other areas.

“The less people put into their gas tank, the more they have in their pockets for things like vacations,” she said.


Average price for a gallon of regular unleaded:

Current: $3.600

Week ago: $3.709

Month ago: $3.752

Year ago: $3.673


Source: AAA Fuel Gauge Report

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