Survey suggests Georgians will spend more on travel

A survey released from the Georgia Credit Union Affiliates found an increase in members who plan to spend money on travel and vacation in 2012.


According to the survey, 63 percent said they plan to spend the same as or more than they did last year on travel. This is up from last year’s estimate of 49 percent.

“People are starting to open up a little,” said Anita Paul, the director of communications for the organization.

Many said they plan to drive rather than fly, and Paul said she is sure that number has only grown in recent weeks as gas prices have risen. Even if this is a small step, she said it’s still in the right direction.

“When one area of the economy improves, it does have a trickle effect to other parts of the economy,” she said.

Most credit unions offer a vacation savings program, Paul said. She also said there are ways to keep vacation costs low such as going during the off-peak season and looking for bundled discounts on travel Web sites.

“We want to get people thinking long term instead of two weeks before the trip,” she said. “After you get home, you could be paying the debt off after the tan is gone.”