Augusta officials praise Reynolds Street parking deck

$12 million project built using special tax funds
The $12 million parking deck on Reynolds Street was funded by tax collections. It has 650 spaces.

In a dedication ceremony Wednesday, city officials marveled not only at the beauty of the newly completed TEE Center parking deck on Reynolds Street, but also at its practicality.


“You can have all the buildings you want, but unless you have a place to park, you don’t have much of anything,” Augusta City Administrator Fred Russell said.

The 650-space, $12 million parking deck will open Friday. The deck was paid for with a 3-cent local car rental tax and special-purpose local-option sales tax funds.

It is one of several building projects in the county either completed or in the works.

Russell said so far the buildings have all come in under budget and on time.

“That’s a record Augusta can be proud of,” he said.

The new library and courthouse have already been completed.

Crews are still at work to complete the trade, exhibit and event center; law enforcement center; and new jail pods.

The parking deck was initially designed to provide parking for the TEE Center, which is being built across Reynolds Street.

Russell said he believes the parking deck and TEE Center will give more people an opportunity to come to Augusta.

Mayor Pro Tem Joe Bowles said he looks forward to putting the building to use after he recently found himself circling downtown looking for a parking spot.

“It’s an asset and a diamond,” he said.

“You don’t normally say that about a deck, but it is.”

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