Business owners share their resolutions for 2013

Many people make resolutions each year to lose weight, get more exercise or perhaps start that long-put-off novel. The Augusta Chronicle asked a few entrepreneurs what resolutions they had for 2013, not necessarily for themselves, but for their businesses.



3830 Washington Road, Martinez  

OWNER: Austin Tashakori

Austin Tashakori said his resolution is to help as many of his members reach their personal resolutions as possible. The way he sees it, if he does that, his business will thrive.

“I want to retain more members by helping them stay on target for their goals,” he said. “If they see results then they will stay with us longer.”

He hopes to help people make permanent changes in their lives. “This is not something you do for two or three months and quit,” he said. “This is what you need to for the rest of your life.”



2528 Washington Road, Augusta

OWNERS: Candice Lee and Pam Hayes

Candice Lee said moving to a new location was a great success and a big boost for the business, which sells “affordable antiques and eclectic décor.”

“Now that we have been open for a while we want to try to improve the business and be a lot more efficient,” Lee said. “Part of that is being a little more lean with our spending.”

The store also sells a line of quirky T-shirts and other items promoting the “junk life.” Lee said the long-term goal is to turn Mema Had One into its own brand, with more stores and a line of merchandise.



2358 Washington Road, Augusta

OWNERS: Ed Turner and Lisa Turner Maddox

Lisa Turner Maddox said even though she has been involved in the piano business all her life, there is always something to learn.

“It is a challenge when you sell something that is not necessarily a necessity,” Maddox said. “Really, my resolution is to continue to work harder and work smarter, which includes trying to trim expenses without sacrificing quality and service.”

Maddox said the way they weather the economically tough times is to offer a range of services and merchandise that appeal to a variety of customers, no matter their financial circumstances. They specialize in helping middle-class families who want their children to have a musical education.

“Our goal is to suit their needs musically as well as financially,” she said.



122 Sherwood Drive, Augusta

OWNERS: Jennifer and Ethan Andrews

Jennifer Andrews said she has learned innumerable lessons in her little more than a year as a first-time business owner. A lot of that was done on the fly, meeting each crisis or challenge as it arose. In 2013, she resolves to be more proactive and less reactive.

“Now that our business is in its second year, policies and procedures have been established, so I have an opportunity to evaluate how we can improve our customers’ experience every day,” she said. “We want to keep making Lucy’s better for our customers, which can only be better for us.”



990 Telfair St., Augusta

OWNER: Aaron Clements

Aaron Clements said that even with a successful business it is easy to lose sight of the important things in life. He has some personal resolutions he feels will have a positive effect on his business in 2013.

“I want to spend more time with faith, family and friends, and I want to remember to be thankful every day,” Clements said. “I think that is really important.”

His other resolution is more practical – to be better organized.

“I really want to work on that every day,” he said. “I don’t mind telling you that is a reoccurring goal.”



1002 Broad St., Augusta

OWNERS: Michael Brown, Debbie Caron and Bez Kikiris

Michael Brown said opening a new business is a challenge, but with about 45 years of combined experience in restaurants, he and his partners are up to it. Their dream is to bring something new to Augusta.

“We wanted to bring an authentic Greek and Italian restaurant to the Augusta area,” Brown said. “You know, a place that sells a good gyro sandwich.”

A goal that he expects to achieve early this year is to have a walk-up window on 10th Street that will be open late for customers who want a sandwich to go.

”Our resolution is to serve to our customers the type of food we want to eat at home,” he said.



527 13th St., Augusta

OWNER: Andy Jordan

Andy Jordan said he is in the business of helping people achieve their goals and resolutions, whether it’s getting more exercise or riding 100 miles in a day. He still works six days a week to make that happen.

After decades in the business, he said improving the margins where success is most difficult to achieve is his goal this year.

“It seems like the things that disappoint you the most are the people that you maybe disappointed,” Jordan said. “Even if I’m making 99.8 percent of the people happy, there’s still that very small percentage. That’s the thing I want to work on.”

He said perfection might be an impossible goal, but if there is a way he can make all his customers happy, he wants to try it. Jordan said he loves coming to work every day, so his other resolution will be more difficult.

“I need to try to figure out how to take some time off and enjoy it,” he said.



982 Broad St., Augusta

OWNERS: Alex Weir and Daniel Stewart

Daniel Stewart said their small advertising and design firm has enjoyed a lot of success in the past year and they are ready for more excuses to celebrate in 2013.

‘‘Our New Year's resolution is to drink more champagne,” he said. “We had plenty of reasons to pop bottles in 2012 and there are only bigger and better things to come.’’ 



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