Barney's Pharmacy becomes family business

3 daughters follow father into business



Barney’s Pharmacy owner Barry Bryant always considered his staff like family.

Now it truly is a family business. His three daughters followed his footsteps into pharmacy and joined the business.

“I can’t be any more proud,” he said. “They’ve grown up in it. From the time they could come to work and punch a cash register or help out, they’ve been involved with it from an early age. I really didn’t push any of them.”

Bryant bought part of the declining Peach Orchard Road pharmacy in 1984. Since then, he’s opened stores in Wrens, Ga.; Louisville, Ga.; and now Grovetown.

Barney’s also operates Hope Medical Center – a family medical clinic at the Augus­ta store – and a pharmacy in University Hospital.

Bryant’s oldest daughter, Vanessa Hoffman, 33, joined the staff after graduating from the University of South Carolina seven years ago. She oversees the closed-door pharmacy at the Augusta location, serving nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

“I love what I do,” Hoff­man said. “He always told us just to do what you want to do, be able to support yourself. … He always told us, too, you’ve got to love what you do because he does.”

Hoffman said she’s always known she wanted to follow her father’s career path. Her younger sister, Stephanie Tankersley, 28, said she wasn’t as sure.

Tankersley, the health and fitness nut of the family, considered going into cosmetology or becoming a dietician before opting for pharmacy school. She graduated from USC and joined Barney’s nearly three years ago.

“I had to pray long and hard about it,” said Tan­kers­ley, who runs the Grovetown location. “For me, I just knew I wanted to do something to help people, whether it be to make them look good or make them feel good.”

Like her father, Tankers­ley enjoys working with people. She teaches chair aerobics and offers health and wellness classes in Grovetown.

For Bryant’s youngest daughter, Brittany Bryant, 27, choosing pharmacy school felt natural. Working at Barney’s was the only job she’d ever known.

Like her father, Brittany Bry­ant said she wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. She works as a pharmacist at the Augusta store.

“He would have supported us whatever we wanted to do,” she said. “I admire my dad for what he does and how he helps people every day. … I get to see what my dad does every day and how he helps people who, otherwise if they went somewhere else, would not get that extra help.”

Barry Bryant said he is proud his daughters are passionate about the job.

“I don’t know what else I would have done,” Brittany Bry­ant said. “This is all we’ve ever known. It just feels right. … We see how it makes him proud how we take ownership like he does.”



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