Collecting becomes career for store owner

Consignment store owner turns hobby into way of life
Kay Mercier owns Fabulous Finds for You, a consignment store specializing in home furnishings and decorations on Peach Orchard Road in south Augusta. Mercier started out as a collector, then became a seller and owner.

Kay Mercier has collected antiques for years, but opening her store Fab­ulous Finds for You has allowed her to share that love with others.


Fabulous Finds, a home consignment store at 3240 Peach Orchard Road, offers home decor and furniture at discounted prices. Mercier opened her store in April after the previous tenant, Arbour Crossing Home and Garden, announced its closing.

Mercier had been a vendor, selling home decor and antique collectibles, but in a few weeks she went from vendor to owner.

“I hardly shop retail,” she said. “Resale is where people really get their money’s worth.”

Consignment stores are growing in popularity as the economy forces everyone to count pennies, she said, and she is able to help people on both sides of the transaction. People who need extra money can bring her items to sell, and people who are decorating on a budget can come to her for deals. She always had an eye for colors and design and a knack for minor repair or refurbishing.

“Repurpose, redesign, and resale, that’s my motto,” she said.

Mercier moved to the Augusta area in 2007, and she and her husband bought a house in south Augusta without doing too much research on the area. As they became settled in the community, Mercier said they were surprised to learn that the south side had a less-than-stellar reputation. South Augusta has been a wonderful place to live, she said, and they have grown to consider it home.

“We live so good here,” she said. “Everyone here is so nice, and it always surprises me to hear something negative about south Augusta.”

The best way to change public opinion about south Augusta is to support businesses in the area and act neighborly, she said.

“I let all my haters be my motivators,” she said.

Renita Savage, a vendor at Fabulous Finds, says Mercier’s attention to detail and love for her customers will make her store a success.

“She does such a great job and calls us at the end of the day to let us know how things went,” she said.

Savage was a vendor at Arbour Crossing Home and Garden, and once Mercier opened her store she knew she wanted to sell through her. In the few months the store has been open, Savage said, business has been good under Mercier’s leadership.

“I really feel like it’s going to continue to do very well,” she said.

Mercier is retired from law enforcement, and owning her own store was something she always wanted to do but didn’t think would happen. She has always collected antiques and sold Depression glass pieces at one time, but having a store is something that excites her.

“My things bring back memories for people, or helps them to make something beautiful, and that does my heart good,” she said.

Mercier already has attracted regular customers. The other businesses in the plaza look out for one another and refer customers, she said. This kind of small-town feel coupled with her one-of-a-kind inventory is what she loves about owning a business in south Augusta, she said, and it’s what makes Fabulous Finds unique.

“Of course I’m a businesswoman, and of course I want to make money,
but to me it’s all about community,” she said.


HOMETOWN: Washington, D.C.

FAMILY: Husband, Donnell Mercier; three daughters and five grandchildren

EDUCATION: MBA in marketing from Howard University

HOBBIES: collecting antique jewelry, shopping