Local family opening doughnut bakery



A bakery soon to open in Augusta will put an even sweeter twist on a traditional breakfast staple.

Locally owned Whoa-Nuts will offer custom and build-it-yourself doughnuts when it opens mid-December at 1141 Agerton Lane in the former Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt space.

Candace Wolke, of Augusta, is starting the venture with her husband, Jonathan, and her mother, Joan O’Hara, after months of research and experimenting with recipes in her home kitchen. Shortly thereafter, the idea was born for the doughnut buffet and coffee shop.

“The toppings buffet is all the rave,” Wolke said. “I think that doughnuts are the next fashionable fad.”

Customers will start with a plain, freshly baked doughnut, then pick from 18 homemade glazes and top their treats at a buffet bar of candy and cereal, along with more healthful choices such as granola, fruit and nuts.

Whoa-Nuts also will carry several signature doughnut options, such as the “Elvis,” made with peanut butter and banana glazes and drizzled with banana chips and bacon, and the “Pink Parfait,” which has lemon and blueberry glazes, with blueberry and graham cracker toppings.

“You weigh it. You pay it, just like in a yogurt shop,” Wolke said. “Or we’ll measure it out for you and it’s a flat fee.”

Wolke, a former server and bartender at Red Robin, said that she and her mother have a combined 30 to 40 years in the food and beverage industry.

By early next year, Wolke said, she hopes to be baking gluten-free doughnuts. She also plans to purchase a truck in the spring and make deliveries, which was her original concept for the business.



Mon, 08/21/2017 - 22:42

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