Augusta catering company investigated for alcohol sales



The Georgia Department of Revenue is investigating an Augusta catering company on charges of selling alcohol and transporting alcohol across state lines.

Agents from the department’s Alcohol and Tobacco Division went to Roux’s Catering Service on Jones Street on Thursday and told owner Robert Williams he was under investigation for buying alcohol in North Augusta, then bringing it into Georgia and selling it to patrons of his catering service, according to the department’s incident report.

Agents conducted surveillance of Williams’ work vehicles to determine when the alcohol was brought from South Carolina to Williams’ downtown Augusta office building, according to the report.

Williams told agents that he would sell alcohol to patrons as part of his catering package and that it was less expensive to buy in South Carolina.

The business has neither a liquor license nor any special permits that would allow Williams to possess or sell alcoholic beverages.

Agents told Williams that he was not paying Georgia taxes on the alcoholic items, which he was then selling for business purposes. They told him a criminal warrant might be issued for his arrest.

More than 50 different types of alcohol, including 600 Bud Light and 470 Coors Light beer cans, were seized from the business.

Williams said he is openly working with the revenue department and called the issue a “misunderstanding on our side.”

Williams said he misinterpreted the law’s requirements when it came to having the proper permits in order for purchasing alcohol.

“In no way will it affect our day-to-day operations,” he said. “We haven’t skipped a beat, and we don’t plan to skip a beat.”

Williams opened his catering service in 1996.

“When you’ve been in business 17 years, you’re bound to have a run-in with somebody,” he said.

Williams said he looks forward to a “speedy resolution to the investigation.”

A Georgia Department of Revenue representative refused to comment on the case.




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