Comcast offers new Skype service in Augusta

Comcast has launched a new widescreen HD video calling service in Augusta and nine other cities.


Skype through Xfinity allows customers to make and receive video calls from their TV as well as send and receive instant messages via Skype while watching television.

“TV is rapidly evolving as a social experience,” said Cathy Av­giris, the executive vice president and general manager of communications and data services for Comcast.

To use Skype on Xfinity, customers will need Xfinity Internet service, an HDMI-capa­ble Comcast cable set-top box and a Skype account. Skype on Xfinity will be delivered to the Comcast customer’s HDTV through an all-in-one kit that includes an adaptor box, a high-quality video camera and a specially designed remote control that enables customers to instant message with one or more friends on Skype as well as control the volume of their television.

For Skype-to-Skype calls or instant messages, the other calling party simply needs to be logged into a Skype account. No equipment beyond what is needed to use Skype is required.

Skype on Xfinity is available for $9.95 per month for qualifying Xfinity Triple Play customers and will launch in additional markets throughout the summer.