Augustans create company to help visitors, profit from Masters

Patrick McBride and Clayton McLeskey have been working for visitors during the Masters Tournament since they were in their early teens, getting paid to set chairs out on the course early in the morning.


This year, they’re offering guest services under the business name Fore the Patrons.

“It’s a one-stop shop for everything Masters-related,” McBride said.

The company centers on a Web site where Masters patrons can find listings for house rentals, scope out opportunities to buy badges, pay for shuttle services, reserve handicap-accessible vans and scooters, and book chair runners.

“We just want to make things simple for everyone, so they remember their Masters experience in a good light,” McLeskey said.

In the first year, Fore the Patrons has gotten a long list of chair running commitments and has partnered with Augusta Mobility to provide special needs services.

Fore the Patrons’ revenue will come from chair running and rental home listings, but primarily from online advertisements.

McLeskey and McBride hope the site can help to promote local businesses that visitors might not hear about otherwise.

“Growing up, we all wanted to find a way to make money off of the Masters,” McBride said. “That’s not what it’s all about now, of course. Now, the most important thing to us is leaving people with good memories of our hometown.”


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