CSRA Nanny and Sitter agency matches families, caregivers for long-term working relationships

Finding the No. 1 nanny



Matching families with the perfect nanny is something Jonathan and Debbie Rogers take seriously at their CSRA Nan­ny and Sitter Agency.

Nannies become a part of the family, the Rogerses believe, so it’s vital that the match works on every level. When parents come to the Rogerses, they begin a process that starts with an in-depth personality profile and home visit and continues with a year of follow-up and support after they connect with the nanny.

“We want to make sure we can get something compatible and find out what exactly you are needing,” Jonathan Rogers said.

The agency pulls from a database of more than 200 nannies in the area, and about 15 profiles will match what each family wants on a general level. Of those
15, Jonathan and Debbie choose three to meet with the family for a face-to-face interview.

The agency began as unofficial consulting, with Jon­athan and Debbie helping families they personally knew find reliable caregivers in the area.

The couple have experience counseling children and worked as foster parents before having their own two children, so they were often approached for advice about reliable child-care options.

As they looked further, they found there wasn’t an official nanny agency in the area. Within eight months, the Rogerses went from offering nanny matchmaking on the side to having
enough business to keep both of them busy full-time. Now the agency is expanding to Statesboro, Ga., and Savannah, Ga.

“It just bloomed; there was such a need in this area,” Jona­than said.

The agency’s average client is what Debbie calls a “working family,” with a complicated schedule that makes finding a nanny more difficult.

Between Fort Gordon and the large population of medical professionals in the area, Augusta has a large number of families that fit this description.

Debbie worked as a live-in nanny to support herself through college, so she has a special understanding of what makes a good nanny-parent match.

“You have to trust your nanny; you have to know your children are safe to be able to be 100 percent in the marketplace,” she said. “As for being a nanny myself, I have lived what they go
through. Child care is hard work ... it isn’t keeping the TV (on) all day to keep the kids quiet.”

Holly Hillhouse works with the Rogerses’ agency and regularly cares for their children, Emily and Ethan.

“It’s more fun than anything else,” she said. “I miss their kids when I’m not there, and it’s good to know I’m helping someone.”

That mutual benefit is why the Rogerses love what they do, Jonathan said.

“A lot of parents don’t have the time to put into finding the right person,” he said. “We take that extra
time, extra strength and
extra energy to find someone who will be a long-term match.”

Hiring someone who will be the day-to-day caregiver is a daunting task, and the Rogerses believe their method of thorough interviews and vetting ensures the nanny-child relationship will be a long-lasting one.

“When the nanny is happy, and the parents are happy, the child will be happy,” Jonathan said. “That’s why we’re doing what we do.”


EDUCATION: Bachelor’s degree in pastoral studies from Columbia International University

FAMILY: Wife, Debbie; daughter, Emily, 3; son, Ethan, 15 months

HOBBIES: Cycling, tennis and gourmet cooking




EDUCATION: Bachelor’s degree in biblical languages from Columbia International University

HOBBIES: Cooking, crocheting, scrap-booking, jogging, yoga, pilates and spending time with her family and two dogs