NewFire Media helps Augusta businesses ignite interest

Social media is used as economic tool

Jeremy Mace calls himself the “head pyro” for NewFire Media, but his work doesn’t involve lighter fluid or matches.


Mace and his cohorts at NewFire work in social media – branding, marketing, graphics and Web design – to help businesses of all sizes increase customer awareness and community presence. By sharpening logos, cultivating an accurate and strong Web presence, and using other tricks, NewFire takes what businesses are doing well and lets the community know about it.

“We know social media and online, and they know their business,” Mace said. “Our skill set and wisdom couples with their experience to create an explosion.”

NewFire began two years ago when local real estate developer and entrepreneur Turner Simkins was looking for a social media/online consultant in the Augusta area. He couldn’t find one to do the job, so he decided to start his own. He knew Mace from other projects, and asked him to come on board.

The NewFire team now has a full-time designer, Josh Whiting, and a director of sales and customer relations, Susie Adamson. Not contained within the walls of their office in Hammond’s Ferry is what they consider to be one of their greatest tools: a global network of contractors and associates they can use if the job calls for something outside their expertise.

“We have a small, light, swift group here that can change gears easily depending on what clients need,” Mace said.

What clients need differs from business to business but, in general, NewFire works to help customers with three major areas of outreach known as “the net”: display advertising, traditional marketing and social media.

“That net is what we believe captures and converts customers,” Mace said.

The greatest thing social media and online gives business today, Whiting said, is personalizing the company and inviting the customer in.

“That’s what people are looking for, a personality to go with the business,” he said.

NewFire has worked with Augusta entities such as Kendrick Paint & Body, Rivers & Glen and the Kroc Center. It also does campaigns for national brands such as and TGI Fridays. It is a licensed Google agency for online dis­play ads, and that gives NewFire clout for a firm of its size.

“We’re still the new kids on the block,” Mace said.

Google was so impressed by the work NewFire did for that it featured the company in a success story case study. As the firm pitches ideas to more national names, it doesn’t hurt to be able to say that Google likes NewFire.

“It gives us credibility as a younger company,” Whiting said.

While the players at New­Fire are pros at social media and the Internet, they believe it is vital to teach every one of their clients to understand what’s going on and to be self-sufficient.

“If we do a good job and their business grows, they’re going to have more work for us to do,” he said.

Staying on the crest of the social media wave and passing on any changes to their clients are part of NewFire’s job. With Facebook and other Web sites changing every few months, Mace said he is confident the team won’t run out of new things to master. It’s that constant shakeup that makes the job great, he said.

“We like the idea of constantly evolving,” he said.


TITLE: Partner, NewFire Media

HOMETOWN: Kansas City, Mo.

FAMILY: Wife, Kimberly; children, Regan, 11, and Noah, 7

EDUCATION: “Self-propelled”

HOBBIES: Comics, church, working out, movies



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