Augusta developer thinking ahead toward TEE Center traffic

Tucked away behind Broad Street is a little oasis waiting for occupants, complete with a waterfall and 65,000-gallon pond.


Cross Creek Designer and Builder Inc. recently completed a $265,000 renovation to a building that takes up several properties in the 900 blocks of Broad and Jones streets, according to property manager John Bowen.

Banking on the idea that the Trade, Exhibit and Event Center expansion will bring new traffic flow to Reynolds Street, Bowen hopes the space will attract a high-end restaurant or something else that will serve convention center visitors, and the rest of downtown.

“I think with the TEE center and parking deck, this part of Augusta is really a hot area,” Bowen said.

Before the renovation, the building was just a shell of what it has become. Bowen embellished the exterior, adding brick window transoms to the windows and balconies overlooking the updated pond. Patchy grass was replaced with concrete and wooden decks, and an awning and terrace now reach out from a formerly bare brick wall.

More than 16,000 square feet in commercial space is available to lease.

“Augusta is not dead, it’s alive and going big,” he said. “We have a lot of faith in Augusta.”

Although he’s confident, he believes in choosing tenants carefully.

“Staying power is everything,” he said. “The key to success downtown is to choose your tenants.”

Cross Creek, which has been downtown for nearly 30 years, currently leases to clients including the Juvenile Justice Department, Augusta BioBusiness Center and Georgia Medical Center Authority.


Thu, 08/17/2017 - 01:43

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