Cyber defense contractor opens Augusta office

The first defense contractor associated with the Army Cyber Command at Fort Gordon has opened an office off Wheeler Road.


MacAulay-Brown Inc. executives said Tuesday the addition of an Augusta office significantly increases company presence with the Army Cyber Command, the Fort Gordon Cyber Center of Excellence and local intelligence units.

The Augusta business community welcomed the Ohio-based security firm, calling its move a first step in acquiring the 800,000 to 1 million square-feet in office space needed to attract others.

Walter Sprouse, the executive director of the Augusta Economic Development Authority, said another contractor is nearing a similar announcement, and the Army’s latest projections show 2,600 military, 900 civilian and 200 contractor jobs will be added to the post’s workforce by 2019.

“This is not just a small company with a small presence,” Sprouse said. “What people are going to see is this company is here to stay and the first of many defense contractors to come to Augusta in support of cyber intelligence.”

MacB, as the company is commonly called, was founded in 1979 and employs about 1,500 people to deliver advanced engineering services and product solutions to federal Defense, Intelligence, Special Operations Forces and Homeland Security agencies.

The firm said its new office will provide logistical support and cultivate relationships with military, civilian and business leaders at and around Fort Gordon.

The office follows MacB’s addition of retired Lt. Gen. Rhett Hernandez, former commander of the Army Cyber Command, to its Board of Advisors. It also furthers MacB’s expansion into the mid-Atlantic region, which it has identified as an area of strategic growth for the company.

“We have long supported many of the intelligence units located at Fort Gordon,” said Sid Fuchs, the president and CEO. “The opening of our newest office in Augusta reflects our continued commitment to working closely with our customers. At the same time, it expands our ability to provide Army Cyber Command, the Cyber and Signal Centers of Excellence and other Joint Cyber organizations with our unique Cyber capabilities.”

Thom Tuckey, the executive director of the CSRA Alliance for Fort Gordon who has been designated community liaison for much of the base’s anticipated growth, said many defense contractor jobs will come from companies who are already in Augusta and are expanding.

Tuckey said some will require additional office space, but that it is hard to predict how much.

“They’re all kind of jockeying for position right now to see what their competitors are doing,” he said. “Over time, I think as more companies establish their plans, the more we are going to learn about what they need to be successful.”

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MacAulay-Brown Inc.’s Fort Gordon office is at 3633 Wheeler Road, Suite 330. MacB Vice President Dan Gutierrez has been selected to lead the new office and all Fort Gordon initiatives for the company. For additional information on MacB, go to