Light planned between Kroger, Publix



A new traffic signal is in the works for the 2800 block of Washington Road.

Department of Transportation District Traffic Engineer Kedrick Collins said the signal has been approved for the area between the Publix and Kroger shopping centers. Collins said the project comes in conjunction with the upcoming expansion of Kroger, which has already proposed a drive to align with the road adjacent to Publix.

Augusta Traffic Engineer Steve Cassell said that despite the large volume of traffic that portion of Washington Road sees each April during Masters Week, local traffic engineers never pushed for the new light.

Cassell said the engineers refused the offer several times but reconsidered because traffic continues to increase.

The light, however, isn’t expected to offer any additional benefit during the golf tournament.

“We always operated during Masters as if there was a signal there, so it shouldn’t make a difference,” he said.

The developer has been issued a permit to begin work on the area, but work is not anticipated to begin until mid-April at the earliest.



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