Slip 'simulator' helps SRS workers avoid injuries

Savannah River Remediation employee Jessica Slighly finds out how hazardous slippery conditions can be as part of a safety demonstration inside the URS Slip Simulator. A harness connected to a support beam allows participants to experience walking on slippery conditions without falling.

Savannah River Site workers are learning to cross slippery terrain without falling – using technology designed to prevent workplace injuries.


Savannah River Remed­ia­tion, which manages the site’s liquid-waste programs, is urging workers to visit a portable laboratory equipped with a video monitor, a ceiling support beam and a walking surface that, when treated, resembles ice.

The mobile URS Slip Simulator is an example of innovations the company is implementing to improve safety, said Patricia Allen, the director of environmental, safety, health, quality assurance and contractor assurance.

“Falls are a leading cause of injuries in the workplace,” she said. “SRR’s goal is to continue to develop and identify innovative techniques to support an injury-free workplace.”

The slip simulator experience provides education and information to employees in order to reduce the number of injuries caused by slips, trips or falls.

The mobile slip simulator was built by URS and is being deployed at various projects around the U.S. The device will be at SRS until spring.



Wed, 11/22/2017 - 18:38

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