Club Car recalls nearly 800 vehicles

Club Car is recalling certain model year 2012 vehicles because of reported risk from fuel lines falling off.

The fuel lines have fallen off because of improper assembly of the fuel hose clamp, according to a release published by Club Car and the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. If not corrected, this problem could lead to a fuel leak and create a fire hazard.

Club Car has begun an inspection and repair campaign to take care of the problem, free to the consumer. Involved in the recall are the DS Gas Golf Car, Villager 4 Gas, XRT 850 Gas, XRT 800 Gas and Carryall 232 Gas vehicles.

Bill Bryant, Club Car spokesman, said 767 units are involved in the recall and no related injuries have been reported.


DS Gas Golf Car, serial numbers AG1232-298757 to AG1238-314938

Villager 4 Gas, serial numbers TG1232-299285 to TG1237-312956

XRT 850 Gas, serial numbers JZ1233-300104 to JZ1238-314710

XRT 800 Gas, serial numbers XJ1233-300372 to XJ1238-313369

Carryall 232 Gas, serial numbers XL1233-300113 to XL1238-314964