WOW! adding 120 jobs to local call center

WOW! Internet, Cable and Phone is adding more than 100 jobs to its Augusta call center.


The regional cable provider is hiring 120 employees in residential and business sales, customer service and support, dispatch and supervisory roles at the Wheeler Road center. About half of the open positions were filled within the past few months or are currently being filled, and hiring will continue through the first quarter of 2014, said Jason Sand, the vice president of Augusta’s WOW! call center.

“It really ties into the growth of our business,” Sand said. “It’s through different improvements we’re making within the network, and the growth that we’re already experiencing and anticipating as we move forward.”

This is the first major job expansion in Augusta for the Denver-based company since it acquired Knology last year. WOW! purchased Knology in July 2012 for about $1.5 billion, including all assets and liabilities. In March, the cable operator began changing from the Knology logo to its branding in the Augusta market.

The call center at 3670 Wheeler Road was built by Knology in 2009 and provides support for WOW’s residential and business customers.

Before the new jobs were created this year, the 26,000-square-foot center had a staff of about 325 employees. Sand said he expects that number to grow to between 445 and 450 in 2014.

To accommodate the incoming employees, Sand said, about 10 agents have shifted to WOW!’s business office, just a block away on Wheeler Road. The call center is also undergoing a remodeling for enhanced employee training, he said.

In 2014, WOW! will begin changing entirely over to a digital cable format, said Abu Khan, its vice president and general manager in Augusta and Charleston, S.C.

“Next year, we do plan on working towards an all-digital platform, which will set us up for providing more HD channels and more functionality down the road,” Khan said. “That is the project we will be working on next year.”

Expanding its local coverage area, however, is not in WOW!’s immediate sights for next year. Khan said the company wants to first focus on perfecting its customer service.

“There’s not a plan to do any sort of widespread expansion at this point,” he said. “We really want to focus on the customers we have and grow within the area that we’re in right now.”

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