Augusta business releases improved solutions for common treatment mistakes

Augusta company watches for proper medical treatment

Augusta-based inVentiV Medical Man­age­ment last week announced three new programs designed to better protect patients from inappropriate and ineffective care associated with cancer, cardiovascular and kidney treatments.


The company provides a watchdog service to those who are self-insured, including third-party administrators, employer groups and reinsurance carriers. Its specialty care physicians, nurses and billing experts lobby on behalf of customers to make sure appropriate care is given and that the patient is charged an appropriate price for that treatment.

“We have a constant vigilance going on,” said Roxane Padgett, inVentiV’s vice president of marketing and commercialization.

Ideally, inVentiV employees are in communication with the patient’s physician from the moment a diagnosis is given. But even if inVentiV is brought into just the billing process, it closely inspects invoices and paperwork to make sure the customer’s care was correctly recorded and priced competitively.

“We want to get involved before care is delivered, but the billing process is also extremely important,” Padgett said.

The new programs focus on cardiovascular, kidney and cancer care, Padg­ett said. CEO Marc Palmer said his company’s role in researching and lobbying for evidence-based medicine plays an important role in effective health-care reform.

“Cancer treatments align to evidence-based medicine as little as 30 percent of the time, 20 to 40 percent of the pacemakers doctors implant are medically inappropriate, and many patients living with the dangerous triad of uncontrolled diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol will wind up with kidney failure and find themselves on dialysis,” Palmer said. “Such inappropriate and ineffective
care is directly contributing to the rising cost of health care in the United States.”

This expansion will result in new jobs, Padgett said, and perhaps even a second inVentiV location in Augusta. More information can be found at


Thu, 08/17/2017 - 23:54

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