Sheriff's crime district to follow old CADI boundaries

Sheriff Richard Roundtree

Only property owners who paid for the Clean Augusta Downtown Initiative will be asked to approve and pay for Sheriff Richard Roundtree’s Continually Patrolled District.


Roundtree, who last week said owners outside the CADI district would be allowed to participate, said Tuesday he’ll petition only those within the CADI district, which spanned roughly Eighth to 13th streets between Greene Street and the Savannah River.

He’ll mail out information about the program to those owners soon and begin meeting with them Thursday, Roundtree said.

Others who desire extra law enforcement “can come to one of the meetings” or “contact us” if they want, but won’t receive information about the program, Roundtree said.

In the 500 block of Broad, art studio owner Roy Davenport said he saw no need for a new tax to fund extra law enforcement.

“I’m against any new taxes, I don’t care what they are,” Davenport said, adding that the proprietor of neighboring adult entertainment venues already keeps enough law enforcement on hand to make him feel safe.

If no other owners ask to be included, the future of the district will be left to owners in the former district, which narrowly approved renewing the CADI’s “clean ambassador” program by 51 percent.

The Augusta Commission cited other owners’ complaints about CADI last year when the body declined, despite the approval, to renew that district.

Originally proposed to span from Fifth to 13th streets, the CADI district was tailored to exclude businesses such as Bill’s Place, whose owner Bill Prince opposed it.

A former district, established in the 1970s to fund construction of the downtown parking wells, taxed downtown businesses from Sixth to 10th streets for nearly 20 years until it was abolished.

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A map of the old CADI BID district


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