Test your knowledge of Augusta history

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Augusta will celebrate its birthday this coming Saturday, so let’s break up the summer with a quiz about the history of our town. Answers are at the end.


1. Augusta’s Great Fire of 1916 was blamed on:

A. An iron in a laundry

B. A furnace problem at Georgia Railroad Bank

C. A trash fire behind St. Paul’s Church

D. Fred Russell

2. Although rarely given historic credit, records indicate this transportation milestone took place in Augusta.

A. William Longstreet pioneered steamboat use on the Savannah River.

B. The Wright Brothers developed flight theories at a school near Daniel Field.

C. The Overland Stage Company’s first stop in the 1800s was near Fifth and Broad streets.

D. In the 1960s, Evel Knievel jumped a motorcycle over Lake Olmstead.


3. During the Civil War, Gen. Sherman’s army did not attack Augusta because:

A. Strategically, he didn’t have to.

B. Its fortifications were heavy.

C. His former girlfriend pleaded with him not to.

D. Roadwork on Deans Bridge Road stalled his advance.


4. Longtime Mayor “Deke” Copenhaver’s real name is:

A. David

B. Decatur

C. D’Antignac

D. Darwin


5. The following was not the nickname of an Augusta professional baseball team:

A. Angels

B. Wolves

C. Rams

D. Ikes


6. The town name Hephzibah comes from:

A. The biblical name for the mother of Hebrew King Manasseh

B. An Indian name for Spirit Creek

C. A Greek word meaning small hill

D. The collective sound of a sheep herd as it falls asleep at night


7. What water source was dammed to create Lake Olmstead?

A. Rae’s Creek

B. Butler Creek

C. Augusta Canal

D. Savannah River


8. President Woodrow Wilson’s father was pastor of which Augusta church?

A. First Presbyterian

B. First Baptist

C. First Christian

D. St. John Methodist


9. The last Georgia governor from Augusta was:

A. Carl Sanders

B. Marvin Griffin

C. Ed Rivers

D. Gene Talmadge


10. Which was NOT a nickname for the late, great James Brown?

A. Slowhand

B. Godfather of Soul

C. Mr. Dynamite

D. Soul Brother No. 1


Answers: All A.