Bill Kirby: First signs of summer are lighting up the night

Let nature be your teacher.


– William Wordsworth


I was jogging my usual route after sundown the other night and saw my season’s first lightning bug. It glowed, then vanished, then glowed somewhere else, before disappearing.

Summer must be here, I thought, because a lightning bug would be the first sign of the season.

It’s just like robins showing up to announce spring and Labor Day decorations announcing fall.


A GOOD SPELL: Congrat­ulations to Charles Li, our local speller who went to Washington and represented us well in the Scripps Howard National Spelling Bee.

I am impressed with good spelling because, despite my longtime profession in the word game, I have never been a star speller. I blame my grade school teacher.

She used to plan weekly “spelling bees” right before recess. Everyone in the class would stand up along the walls and be asked to spell the words on the weekly spelling list.

But there was a flaw in the process.

According to her rules, if you missed a word, you did not sit down, you simply were sent outside to begin recess early. Naturally, everyone soon realized if they botched a word, they got to go play. Quickly.

Having to choose between a ballgame and a word game, I’m afraid I often voted with my feet.


TRAVEL MISTAKE: Drugs affect good judgment. Proving my point, our sister paper on the Georgia coast reported Thursday that a woman pulled off the road to see why police had stopped her friend.

(Bad move.)

A drug-sniffing dog suddenly got very excited and after a search of the helpful friend’s vehicle, she was under arrest on marijuana charges ... and for having an open container of alcohol.

(Good dog.)


TRAVEL SMART: Our vacation post card contest is underway. Let’s see if we can get one from all 50 states (Hint: New Hampshire is pretty hard to find) before Labor Day.

Just send them to me in care of The Augusta Chronicle, 725 Broad Street, Augusta, 30901.


TRAVEL IN STYLE: The ninth annual Wish Upon A Car benefit car show, sponsored by the Palmetto Kiwanis Club, will be held from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday at Aiken Mall, 2441 Whiskey Road.

There will be a silent auction, a raffle, door prizes, and of course, a lot of really cool, neat old cars.


TODAY’S JOKE: Little Johnny watched, fascinated, as his mother was putting cold cream on her face.

“Why are you rubbing that cream on you face, mommy?” he asked.

“To stay pretty,” she said.

A few minutes later, she began removing the cream with a tissue.

“What’s the matter mommy?” asked Little Johnny. “Giving up?”



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