The coach hurt my feelings

Some folks want their luck buttered.


– Thomas Hardy

What in the name of Bobby Knight is the world coming to?

According to The Chronicle sports page, South Carolina’s basketball coach has been suspended for a game for using “harsh” language on his players. The athletic director called it “inappropriate verbal communication.”


The Hurt Feeling Movement must be growing.

I grew up not only having coaches yell at me, but teachers, in the classroom. It worked like this: They yelled and we learned.

I’m not saying it was the best way to do it, but somehow we managed to carry on, invent things such as cellphones and microwave ovens and fly to the moon.

Come to think of it, we haven’t flown to moon recently. Somebody needs to start yelling.

TOUGHER TEST: Athletics might be getting gentler, but standardized testing is getting tougher.

The SAT announced last week that the test will become more challenging, although some “complicated vocabulary words” will be replaced by words more widely used in classroom settings. Who knows, maybe they will be words used by college basketball coaches?

LIVING DAYLIGHTS: Most people dislike the changes of daylight saving time. USA Today tells us why. It is hazardous to your health and costs money.

Traffic accidents increase; workplace injuries, too. Heart attacks are more common on the Monday after the time change.

How to avoid it? Go to bed early. Or elect someone with a backbone to go to Washington and end such foolishness.

THANK YOU: I really appreciate all of you who joined me at the Augusta Museum of History last week for the Brown Bag program, particularly Cooper and Abigail Brady, my young timekeepers.

Without them, I’d still be talking.

HISTORY VIDEO: Speaking of history, this week, my “Kirby’s Augusta” video on YouTube highlights a picture worth a 1,000 words taken 50 years ago when time stood still in the state Legislature. There should be a link on our Web site.

TODAY’S JOKE: The farmer’s son was returning from the market with the crate of chickens his father had entrusted to him, when suddenly it broke open. Chickens scurried off in different directions, but the determined boy chased them down, returning them to the repaired crate. Hoping he had found them all, he reluctantly returned home.

“Pa, the chickens got loose,” the boy confessed sadly, “but I managed to find all 12 of them.”

“Great, son,” the farmer beamed. “You left with seven.”



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