Stealing an idea across the state

One way to make sure crime doesn’t pay would be to let the government run it.


– Ronald Reagan


In which Georgia county would you be most likely to become a burglary victim?

Congratulations if you guessed Sumter County in southwest Georgia: home of peanuts, Americus and Jimmy Carter. Its 32.38 burglaries per 1,000 residents passes second-place (but closer-to-us) Elbert County, which had 26.3 per 1,000.

These data were made public last week in an interesting report from the Safe­wise security company.

Safewise, I am sure, wants to sell security systems, and I suspect that a heightened awareness of burglary, particularly in some of Georgia’s smaller, quieter counties, would plant an alarm in a homeowner’s head.

But the best news about their state burglary statistics is the counties that don’t have high burglary rates.

Richmond County has a low 4.94 per thousand burglary rate; Columbia County is 3.50, and Lincoln County is a low, low 1.87.

That’s pretty good compared with other counties, particularly urban counties statewide. For example, Bibb (Macon) is pretty high at 23.27 burglaries per thousand. Fulton (Atlanta) comes in at 11.05, and Chatham (Savannah) is 5.02.

Here’s a link if you’re curious:


THANK YOUS: Gloria Green­baum offers this helpful suggestion if you have winter-cracked fingers like mine: “(1.) Buy a pair of white cotton gloves. If you cannot find such a pair, beg your wife for a pair of her old white gloves (hope they fit.) (2.) Lather your hands with Vaseline, then rub Vaseline in. Place hands in aforementioned white gloves. (3.) Go to bed now with hood of sweatshirt on and hands in gloves. If you need an eye shade to sleep comfortably, this addition will add some zest to the photo which someone should surely snap.”

Bill Cornes suggests O’Keefe’s for Working Hands: “It comes in a bright green tin and can be purchased at Lowe’s, Home Depot and various drugstores,” he wrote. “I recommended this product to (my wife) and now she has the hands of a newborn baby.”


TODAY’S JOKE: A small boy was looking at the red ripe tomatoes growing in the farmer’s garden.

“I’ll give you my two pennies for that tomato,” said the boy, pointing to a beautiful, large, ripe fruit hanging on the vine.

“No,” said the farmer, “I get a dime for a tomato like that one.”

The small boy pointed to a smaller green one, “Will you take two pennies for that one?”

“Yes,” replied the farmer, “I’ll give you that one for 2 cents.”

“OK,” said the lad, sealing the deal by putting the coins into the farmer’s hand, “I’ll pick it up in about a week.”