Kirby: Night before Christmas is the best of the year

A good conscience is a continual Christmas.


– Benjamin Franklin

Welcome to the best day of the year … And what makes it great?


We know that from our youth when we couldn’t wait for what tomorrow might bring.

In that spirit, let me give you something to look forward to in your Christmas Day Chronicle – an Augusta Christmas Trivia Quiz.

I spent a day looking through the old back issues and will give you 10 questions with multiple choice answers.

Here’s an example: What international celebrity once performed here three times on Christmas Day?

LAST MINUTE RUSH: Of course, when I was growing up, we called this The Day Daddy Goes Christmas Shopping On The Way Home From Work Day.

(His motto: If the corner filling station didn’t sell it, we didn’t need it.)

He was right.

One of the best Christ­mas gifts I ever got was a plastic windshield ice scraper. I melted it into all sorts of strange and interesting shapes on the furnace grate.

Very educational. Artis­tic, too.

My mother went for the more conventional approach at children’s gifts, so we made out OK.

BEST MUSIC: I asked you what the best Christmas song was, and you gave me your answers.

Here is the latest from Elaine and Bob Thomas, who write: “Two of our favorite Christ­mas songs are Go Tell It on the Mountain and We Need a Little Christmas. We enjoy Christmas carols even in the heat of August!”

Denise Radford, of Evans, offers this: “The one I love the most is Fall Softly Snow. It is sung by Jim Ed Brown and Helen Cornelius. I cannot fathom why the general population is not as enthralled with this song as I am!”

BEST CHRISTMAS? What was Augusta’s Best Christmas ever?

I nominate 1951, and I tell you why in my Kirby’s Augusta video at

LAST CHRISTMAS: Jeff Miller wins my admiration for answering the challenge of finding the math error in last week’s video about Augusta’s last big downtown Christmas.

He astutely noticed I said Christmas 1977 was 33 years ago, and the correct answer (subtract 1977 from 2013) would be 36 years.

TODAY’S HOLIDAY JOKE: Char­lie Williams offers this seasonal rhyme:

I made myself a snowball,

As perfect as could be.

I thought I’d keep it as a pet,

And let it sleep with me.

I made it some pajamas,

And a pillow for its head.

Then last night it ran away,

But first – it wet the bed.



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