Celebrate the Fourth of July with a 10K race

Running is real and relatively simple … but it ain’t easy.


– Mark Will-Weber

Wish me luck. When I compete Thursday in Atlanta’s 10-kilometer Peachtree Road Race, I will be carrying the usual apprehensions, the cautious advice of friends and a T-shirt promoting the local effort to fight Parkinson’s disease.

Let me thank the CSRA Parkinson chapter of the National Parkinson Foundation, which graciously shared one of its T-shirts for me to wear as I run with 60,000 others on the Fourth of July.

The local group, all volunteers, serves families in the greater Augusta area, providing speakers, resource materials, exhibits and a monthly newsletter to help families better understand Parkinson’s and manage the challenges of living with this chronic disease.

The shirt they presented me last week will call attention to the group’s Oct. 19 “Moving Day” when families, friends, co-workers, health care professionals, corporate leaders and corporate teams gather to raise awareness of the disease.

Again, thank you, and thanks to the many other fine groups and charities who also offered me a shirt.

MEMORIAL MEMORY: Today marks the 150th anniversary of the second day of the Battle of Gettysburg. It marks a similar anniversary for Augusta’s Henry Zim, who died there July 2, 1863.

I came across Zim’s name several months ago on the memorial in front of St. James Methodist Church on Greene Street and grew curious. He was one of 24 St. James members who died in the war, and church records say his death took place on Gettysburg’s second day. The records also recall him as a young man known “for kind attention to his mother and sisters.”

They remembered him with the memorial in 1873. I’d like to remember him today.

YOUR MAIL: Miriam and Schuyler Atkins, of Evans, sent a vacation postcard from Ireland, which they say is “very nice. Thirty degrees cooler than Augusta.”

Lyle and Shirley Glascock, also of Evans, sent a card from Sioux Falls, Iowa, showing Benson’s Skating Rink, which Shirley’s parents own.

Carol and Henry Klein, of North Augusta, had a great time at Mount Rushmore and Yellowstone National Park. “Lots of antelope playing and buffalo roaming,” they write.

TODAY’S JOKE: A farmer and his wife had just woke up one morning to the crowing of their rooster. While still in bed, the farmer’s wife says, “Pa, you know our neighbor Mr. Jones?”

“Yes, Ma, I reckon I do,” replied the sleepy farmer.

“Well, every morning before he leaves the house for work, he gives his wife a big ol’ kiss. Why don’t you ever do that?”

The farmer sighed and said, “Well, I reckon I can, but I just don’t know her very well.”



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