Solutions to sticky situation suggested

Accept good advice gracefully.


– Gene Brown


All I had to do was ask … and many of you answered when I wondered Tuesday how to get a melted stick of chewing gum out of a pocket in my favorite blue dress shirt.

Several suggested a variety of gum solvents. GoJo was one. De-Solv-It Original Citrus Solution was another. Marcia Shingleton says Goo Gone will work.

Some swear by vinegar. Others said vinegar would ruin a shirt.

Ice was a popular remedy, and I am familiar with ice and gum removal, but now I’ve got melted gum down in the fabric and ice isn’t working.

Seth Benson, of Millen, said I need to take a different approach entirely.

“My solution is simple,” he wrote. “I have been in your situation a few times too, not with gum, but bleed out from writing pens. Things like this always happen to ‘favorite’ shirts. I would just get to my nearest J.C. Penney store and pick up another – the same or nearest to the same color.”

Betty English, of the University of Georgia Cooperative Extension in Augusta, shares their guidelines with this problem: “Chewing gum can be removed from many garments by simply dry-cleaning the item. Chewing gum is soluble in dry-cleaning solvent, and little or no pretreatment is required. However, if the item is machine washable, dry-cleaning may not be the best option.”

And I think that’s where I am.


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TODAY’S JOKE: After a laborious two-week criminal trial in a very high-profile bank robbery case, the jury finally ended its 14 hours of deliberations and entered the courtroom to deliver its verdict to the judge.

The judge turned to the jury foreman and asked, “Has the jury reached a verdict in this case?”

“Yes, your honor,” the foreman said. “We find the defendant not guilty.”

The family and friends of the defendant jumped for joy and hug each other as they shouted expressions of divine gratitude.

The defendant’s attorney turned to his client and asks, “So, what do you think about that?”

The defendant looked around the courtroom slowly with a bewildered look on his face and then turned to his defense attorney and said, “Does this mean that I have to give the bank’s money back?”