New phone chargers cause chaos

We have 40 million reasons for failure, but not a single excuse.


– Rudyard Kipling


Remember when cellphones first came out and all the phone chargers were alike? Same simple hole. Same sturdy, little prong. If you left yours someplace on vacation, you could just borrow someone else’s in the family.

No big deal. Well, not anymore.

In our family we have three different types of cell-phone chargers. Not only that, but we also have old cords from phones we no longer have, use or can find. We keep cramming these cords into various drawers because nobody knows whether they might work.

As a result, we have an awful lot of mysterious plug-in wiring around the house and everyone’s afraid to throw it away because it might go with something we still use.

Is there a market to recycle this stuff?


THANKS: To the young people at Hephzibah Bap­tist Church for having me over for lunch Monday. Thank you for that second slice of coconut pie, too. It was as good as the first. And thanks for a copy of Jerry Cole’s history of the church. I always wondered how Hephzibah got that most unique of regional names.


ENDOWED CHAIRS: While we’re speaking of churches, St. James Methodist over on Greene Street has a unique fundraiser. You can buy a sturdy old wooden chair from their fellowship hall for $25 or less if you buy more. They have new ones and want the old ones to have a good home.

I went over earlier this week and tested several. They are sturdy and suitable for inside or outside rump resting. Call the church office at (706) 722-8373.


BY GEORGE: Today’s the traditional day we celebrate the birthday of George Washington, our first president. But did you know that if you had looked at a calendar on the wall the day George was born in 1732, it would have said Feb. 11? That’s because sometime between Washington being born and being president, we changed from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar.

I have read several explanations and most are as mysterious as figuring out when Easter is, or, more important for Augusta, when to hold Masters Week … which, by the way, is April 8-14 this year.


TODAY’S JOKE: Here’s one from Billy Cooper, of North Augusta.

As tourists in a museum pass exhibits of dinosaur bones, one asks the guard: “Can you tell me how old those bones are?”

“They are 3 million, four years and six months old,” says the guard.

“That’s an awfully precise number,” says the tourist. “How do you know their age to the month?”

“Well, the bones were 3 million years old when I started working here,” the guard says, “and that was
4½ years ago.”