What color is a yield sign?

It’s always the simple that produces the marvelous.


– Amelia Barr


I’ve written a bit lately about memory and forgetfulness, which prompted this call from Ace Brown.

What color, he asked me, is a YIELD sign?

“Yellow,” I said quickly.

“No,” he replied, “would you believe that it is white with red trim.”

He said YIELD signs used to be yellow, but most were changed several years ago to the current white triangle with red trim. Many older drivers “remember” them the way they used to be – yellow.

He said he suspects if you ask young drivers, they’ll tell you the right color.

There are some exceptions, it appears, but generally, the YIELD signs were changed to upside-down red and white triangles in 1971.

And, apparently, I don’t know any young drivers.

I’ve asked several people since Ace called and everyone says the signs are yellow. Ask around and see what answer you get.


MORE ON MEMORY: Tom Faircloth, of Barnwell, offers this sure-fire way to find something you have misplaced.

“Buy an item exactly like the one you lost,” he writes, “and you will immediately find the lost one.”

And George C. DeBaca says when you lose something, just move on.

“Forgetting something is associated with old age,” he writes, “and it can get embarrassing sometimes so I think from now on I am going to simply say: ‘I lost it.’

“Whatever it is I am missing or can’t remember, it is either lost somewhere in the house or in the yard or even somewhere in my memory file cabinet.

“It sounds better than complaining about my loss of memory and admitting, and confirming, that old age has finally caught up with me.”

And Richie Russell, of Johnston, adds, “I always heard you will find it in the last place you look, so I start at the last place first, and bingo, there it is!”


YOUR MAIL: Barry and Lynn Martin, of Jackson, S.C., send a postcard from Hilton Head ... “Lots to do here,” they write. “Surprisingly crowded for January.”


YOUR ADVICE: “Here are a few words of wisdom for you, Bill,” writes Charlie Williams. “If you are ever attacked by a mob of clowns, go for the juggler.”


TODAY’S JOKE: A man went to get his driver’s license renewed, and the station was packed. The line inched along for almost an hour until the man ahead of him finally got his license.

He inspected his photo for a moment and commented to the trooper, “I was standing in line so long, I ended up looking pretty grouchy in this picture.”

“That’s OK,” the license expert said. “That’s how you’re going to look when they pull you over anyway.”



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