Motorized shopping carts should require license

Good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgment.


– Fred Brooks

I’m just asking …

You’ve got to get a license to drive a car on public streets, a license to drive a bus on public roads and a license to drive a truck on the public highways, right?

Do you think maybe we need to suggest people get a license to drive those motorized shopping carts in a public grocery store?

Don’t get me wrong. I think it helps many people get around, and I am not one of those who suggests some people are just too lazy to push a cart and give in to the temptation to rest their rumps. But …

Twice in recent weeks I have seen one of these merchandise motorists back into a display, knocking it over; crash into shelving, scattering boxes; and hit an in-store pedestrian.

Now, no one was hurt. I don’t think anything was broken. And the driver was embarrassed and apologetic.

I just think maybe the stores could have practice lanes or something, which they open up on slow shopping days or later at night.

They need to come up with some controls because if they don’t, what’s to stop someone from just driving their own golf cart up and down the produce aisle?

GOOD FOLKS: Sometimes people will surprise you. It happened to me last weekend in Atlanta.

I was driving my parents back home from a downtown visit to a medical specialist. It was Friday rush hour. It was raining. It was Atlanta. The traffic was as bad as you could imagine.

But an odd thing was happening all around me.

In the drizzle and the gloom, almost every single motorist seemed to be trying to help make things easier for those around them.

People let others slip in front of them. There was no honking and just a minimal bit of lane jumping. Almost every car – and there were thousands – seemed to be aware that they weren’t the only one who wanted to get home for the weekend and acted accordingly and politely.

TODAY’S JOKE: Two men died and went to heaven. St. Peter greeted them and said, “I’m sorry, gentlemen, but your mansions aren’t ready yet. Until they are, I can send you back to Earth as whatever you want to be.”

“Great!” said the first guy, “I want to be an eagle soaring above beautiful scenery!”

“No problem,” replied St. Peter, and poof! The guy was gone.

“And what do you want to be?” St. Peter asked the other guy. “I’d like to be one cool stud!” was the reply.

“Easy,” replied St. Peter, and the other guy was gone.

After a few months, St. Pe­ter sent an angel to fetch them back. “You’ll find them easily,” he said. “One of them is soaring above the Grand Can­yon, and the other one is on a snow tire somewhere in Detroit!”