The Braves will visit Augusta, after all

I can write better than anybody who can write faster, and I can write faster than anybody who can write better.


– A.J. Liebling


The Braves are coming.

I mentioned earlier this week that the Atlanta Braves “Country Caravan” that features players, coaches and broadcasters had not scheduled Augusta for its January promotional trips around the South.

Now they have.

Don’t thank me. Thank Mackenzie Anderson, with the Braves office, who sent an e-mail saying an Augusta stop is planned Jan. 24. The location, however, has yet to be determined but they’ll let us know.

Macon and Savannah are still not on the latest list.

That’s the good Braves news. The bad Braves news is that the wonderful team star of the 1980s, Dale Murphy, failed again to make the Baseball Hall of Fame, despite two MVP awards.

I have a 20-year affiliation with the Baseball Hall of Fame, and I cannot understand why its most singular honor has not been won by two of the sport’s great gentlemen – Murphy and the late Buck O’Neil.


BASEBALL DINNER: Another annual baseball event is looking less likely. The regular gathering of area baseball players held at American Legion Post 63 will not be held this year, according to reunion director Owen Crickenberger.

The late February banquet has been held for more than three decades featuring a steak dinner and guest speakers, which have included former major leaguers such as Jack Fisher and Darrell Chaney.


SURPRISE: Thankful Baptist Church gave a special mention to Louise Corley on Wednesday marking her recent 101st birthday.

I gladly passed along some Chronicle goodies to this longtime reader.


LUNCHES: Speaking of lunches, my thanks to Heritage Garden Club for its gracious invitation to speak this week.

I explained my own lack of horticultural success by admitting, “I have a rock garden. Last week, three died.”

I had better luck, however, with green spray paint, which “rejuvenated” my dead, brown boxwoods.


TRAVEL: Pat and Wayne Fuller, of North Augusta, sent a postcard from Brazil and Manaus, a town settled by rubber barons.

Coincidently, I just finished a book on President Teddy Roosevelt’s explorations of the Brazilian rivers after he left office in 1914. I did not know that he almost died on the journey from an infected leg. .


TODAY’S JOKE: A nurse at the hospital received a call from an anxious patient.

“I’m diabetic and I’m afraid I’ve had too much sugar today,” the caller said.

“Are you light-headed?” the nurse asked.

“No,” the caller answered, “I’m a brunette.”



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