Some get head start on holiday journeys

The Constitution only gives people the right to pursue happiness. You have to catch it yourself.


– Benjamin Franklin

Cheap gas, low airfares and nice weather all equal holiday travelers.

Here are some who got a head start.

Eleanor and Steve Black­mon, of Washington, Ga., sent a postcard from Key West, Fla.

They write: “Visiting relatives here. We planned to suffer from the heat but the cold front came thorugh with high winds and we’ve been borrowing jackets. Sunsets are beautiful, the food is great and we are using sunscreen on our faces. ”

Barry, Lynn and Ben Martin, from Jackson, and Rochelle and Kimberly Black, of Martinez, enjoyed a November Carnival Cruise to the Bahamas. (“Fun, fun, fun.”) Their 3-D postcard was cool.

The Henrys, of Aiken, sent a card from Sandstone Falls, W.Va., where they enjoyed the New River Train Expedition to see fall leaves.

Doris and Marty Charnock were in Charles­ton, S.C., taking both a
walking and carriage ride tour.

And faithful travelers Joe and Lorina Fournier, of Evans, sent three cards from a trip to Minnesota. One card showed loons on a lake, one showed eagles in the air and a third showed a giant boot at the Red Wing factory.

RHYME TIME: My weekend comments on poetry inspired a surprising number of readers, many of them fans of Alfred Lord Tennyson.

To most of these hard-charging light brigaders, I admitted that I actually admired Tennyson and that his poem The Eagle was a high school favorite.

This inspired curiosity from the rhyme rangers. Was it because the poem successfully used heroic symbolism, had a varied meter or perhaps its elements of personification?

“Oh, yes,” I agreed enthusiastically, afraid to admit what I really liked was it was short.

I will confess to once writing a poem that I remember only because of this ending:

“It’s Keats, not ‘Kates;’ not ‘Yeets’ but Yeats.

“That’s all there is to know of life, and all ye need to know.”

(Cracked ‘em up in English class.)

TODAY’S JOKE: Robert Symms, that singular and always popular Augusta photographer emeritus, shares this one.

The Sunday school teacher was talking to the 4-year-olds in her class and asked, “What do you have to be to go to Heaven?”

One little girl said, “You have to be good!”

“No,” replied the teacher.

Another said, “You have to go to church!”

“No,” replied the teacher.

From the back row, one little boy called out, “You have to be dead!”



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