Some trivia for your Thanksgiving

I’m always trolling for trivia.


– Lynn Abbey


Want to amaze your Turkey Day guests?

Want to have something to say so you won’t have to listen to your brother-in-law talk about the election – again?

Well, here’s some Thanksgiving trivia to get you off the hook.

Don’t thank me, thank Thanksgiving, a holiday designed for families.

1. When was the first Thanksgiving Day celebrated in Georgia?

A. 1742 B. 1787 C. 1867 D. 1940

2. Male turkeys are called toms; female turkeys are called hens. What are baby turkeys called?

A. Turkettes B. Tommies C. poults D. young turks

3. When was the first Day of Thanksgiving announced as a public event in Augusta?

A. 1810 B. 1860 C. 1890 D. 1918

4. When did Macy’s begin Thanksgiving parades in New York?

A. 1876 B. 1912 C. 1924 D. 1944.

5. When is Thanksgiving celebrated in Canada?

A. July B. August C. September D. October

6. Turkeys were originally found in:

A. China B. Italy C. America or Mexico D. Duh ... Turkey

7. In the 1940s and ’50s, what two local high schools played a traditional Thanksgiving Day football game?

A. Boys Catholic and Richmond Academy. B. Butler and Richmond Academy. C. Laney and Westside. D. North Augusta and ARC.

8. How many days did it take the Mayflower to cross the Atlantic?

A. 66 days B. 45 days C. 101 days D. 44 days


1. (A.) July 25, 1742. The Georgia Almanac, however, does not specify why a Georgia July would deserve gratitude.

2. (C.) Poults.

3. (A.) The Dec. 29, 1810, edition of The Augusta Chronicle announces that the Presbyterian church will celebrate a Day of Thanksgiving on the following Tuesday, which was New Year’s Day 1811.

4. (C.) That would be 1924. But in 1927, they replaced live animals with big balloons.

5. (D.) Second Monday in October

6. (C.)

7. (A.) Boys Catholic vs. Richmond ... A Notre Dame vs. Southern Cal type game.

8. (A.) The voyage began well, but ended badly and off course.


TODAY’S JOKE: Here’s a story for the holidays.

Just days before Thanksgiving, a couple received a mysterious envelope in the mail.

Inside were two tickets to a play at the big city theater and a card signed: “Guess who?”

Intrigued, they went to the theater, had a great time and returned home to find their back door open and their home robbed of many valuables.

On the kitchen table was another nice card signed, “Now you know.”



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