Summer travels range from Europe to Idaho

It is not more vacation we need – it is more vocation.


– Eleanor Roosevelt

Let’s get caught up today with your summer vacation travels. The stack of postcards is getting heavy.

David Bell has his bike out again. He sends a postcard from Belgium and another from Spain, where he’s cycling from Barcelona to the Pyrenees Mountains. He also got in a visit to Paris and Normandy.

“Yesterday at the American Cemetery it was my honor and privilege to lower the American flag as Taps played,” he wrote.

Speaking of war memorials, Mary Newman took a sentimental journey to the Gettysburg battlefield.

“Here to visit the site where my great-grandfather died on July 2, 1863,” she writes. “He was Thomas L.B. Atkinson, of the Hillyer Rifles, Company C, 9th Regiment, Walton County, Ga., volunteer Infantry of the Army of Northern Virginia. This is the 149th anniversary. I wanted to wait for the 150th, but I’m 84!”

Thanks for sharing your visit, Mary. The famous “Battle of the Wheatfield” was truly terrible, and about half the men of the 9th Georgia were killed.

Eric and Leslie Olig enjoyed north Georgia, where Eric finished up a week of banjo classes and Leslie took a class on making bobbin lace. They also got to watch people float down-river in hot-pink inner tubes.

Tia Cochnauer took a “quick trip” to Oklahoma last month, but her postcard did not move so quickly. She wanted to support the Sooners in the national softball championship.

Judy, Summer, Darby, Tripp, Meredith, Pierce, Stacy, Jeff, Courtlyn, Ronda David, Christine, Jonathan, Sara and Rachel spent a wonderful family time at Hilton Head Island, S.C. ... again.

The Guerrants, of Aiken, are in Branson, Mo., enjoying retirement in a new RV.

Andy and Ruth Forbes found the countryside beautiful in Pennsylvania’s Amish country.

J&J, from Graniteville, send a card from Galena, Ill. They are staying on a houseboat in Dubuque, Iowa, and visited the “oldest running post office in the U.S.”

Mary Gay, Trishia Miller and Carolyn Thompson are
attending the Elks Conven­tion at Jekyll Island, Ga.

Bob and Lucille Weldon, of Martinez, send greetings from Idaho – The Gem State.

Finally, the family of former Aquinas baseball player Sam Few, who is playing for the Albany Dutch­men, is spending time in New York watching him play.


TODAY’S JOKE: Here’s one from Charlie Williams:

A preacher was driving along one day and noticed a little boy at a house near the road stretching to try to reach the doorbell.

The preacher stopped the car and got out to help. He walked up to the door, pressed the doorbell, then asked the boy, “Now what do we do?”

Wheeling around, the little boy shouted, “We run!”