Extra hour provides plenty of possibilities

Last wish? … I wish you had more time.


– Denzel Washington, Man on Fire


Today we get more time.

Although I think daylight saving time is the most foolish example of government interference into our lives, today is the best in that bad situation: 60 minutes have been loaned to us this morning. I know we’ll have to give it back in the spring, but today we can enjoy the gift of one full hour if we use it well.

Here are some ideas.

1. Reconnect. Make a list of 10 friends or family members you haven’t spoken to in more than a year. Call, or send an e-mail. See what happens.

2. Check your smoke alarm battery. (HINT: Do it after everyone is up and awake.)

3. Find someone and tell them “thank-you.”

4. Empty your sock drawer. Match them up. Correctly this time.

5. Read a Psalm.

6. Go through your closet, remove everything you haven’t worn in a year. Give it to charity.

7. Do the same thing with coffee mugs in the kitchen cupboard. Although you might just throw them away.

8. Get the owner’s manual to your cellphone, find a feature you aren’t using and master it. Mine apparently has voice recognition commands – a function for which I’ve paid, but never used.

9. Give your spouse a neck rub.

10. Ask your children what they want to be when they grow up. The answer is not necessarily important, but it will make them consider, then articulate a plan and describe how to execute it.

11. Don’t laugh at a child who wants to be a “journalist.”

12. Put something out for the birds.

13. Clean out your billfold/purse. Discard old receipts. Save/remove old photos. Check expiration dates on credit cards. Find scissors.

14. Sweep sidewalk. Expect company.

15. Check house fuse box. Figure out which breaker goes with which electrical area. Label them. (Better now than during an emergency.)

16. Say a prayer for someone who needs it. Say two for someone you don’t like.

17. Go through pantry. Review “expiration dates.” Respond accordingly.

18. Eat an apple. (If married to a doctor, substitute an orange or grapes.)

19. Check couch/chair/car seats for spare change. Put it in your “change jar.”

20. Empty change jar and roll coins. Too many? No problem. Take them to church. Put in the collection plate. (They won’t mind counting.)

Pennies, you will find, add up.

Just like minutes; just like this morning.



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