Kirby: Lightning, love can strike most anywhere

Thunder is good, thunder is impressive; but it is lightning that does the work.


– Mark Twain


So … there I was wheeling my grocery cart out of the store on Senior Discount Day when I noticed a black summer cloud had moved overhead and lightning bolts were decorating the horizon.

My first thought was, “That’s pretty cool.”

My second thought was, “I am pushing a large cage of metal out in the open with a lightning storm approaching.”

Well, the groceries were unloaded quickly (between rain spatters) and I was soon back home searching the Internet for news stories about lightning strikes of grocery carts in parking lots.

I didn’t find any.

But I did find a lot of weird lighting strike stories, including one about a Virginia park ranger who held the Guinness World Records mark for person who survived the most lightning strikes – seven.

Sadly, the article also reported that Roy Sullivan took his own life at age 71 after a romantic breakup, suggesting perhaps that love is more dangerous than nature.


VIDEOS: I have some new Augusta history videos on YouTube. You can also see them on

The latest are about Augusta political king maker Roy Harris and the myths of the Ezekiel Harris House.


MORE POSTCARDS: Joyce and the Rev. Dan White, of Appling, were in Greensboro, N.C., with Leon and Betty Adams attending the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship National Assembly.

Bonnie and Stanley Rachels, and Michelle and Hubert Chastain visited Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville in Atlantic City, N.J.

Abbey Kessman, of Hollywood. Fla., sends two cards from Utah – “the real vacation.”

Maureen and Charlie Giuntini, of North Augusta, are enjoying Rhode Island and its seafood. They also saw a AAA baseball game in Pawtucket.

Dolores Faglier, of Martinez, is having a great time in the mountains
of Cloudcroft, N.M., “a perfect place for a family reunion.”

Art and Louise, from Aiken, send greetings from the north of Scotland. “Came to escape the heat and it didn’t disappoint.”

And Dick McCoppin, of Martinez, sends a card from Canada, but hopes to get to Vermont, “the only state I have yet to visit.”


TODAY’S JOKE: Legendary Augusta photographer Robert Symms shares this.

A hiker stopped at the bank of a fast-flowing river. Spying a fellow standing on the opposite bank, he yelled to him, “How do I get to the other side?”

The man scratched his head. He looked up the river. He looked down the river. Then he yelled back to the hiker, “You’re already ON the other side!”



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