Shopgirl: Facebook now helps us block unwanted throwbacks

WHAT’S NEW: Have you noticed the “On This Day” feature within Facebook? It’s the feature that shows you throwbacks like your vacation three years ago today, or a status about graduating from college.


Some of the throwbacks aren’t so pleasant, however, like your favorite photo with an ex or maybe a post about when your favorite pet died. There’s now a way to edit what Facebook culls those “On This Day” posts from, and it’s as easy as two clicks. Go to and you can de-select anyone and any page (i.e., if your pet has a page) that you don’t want to reminisce about unexpectedly.


WHAT’S AFFORDABLE: It’s Halloween time, which means you might be on the prowl for some quality temporary hair dye.

There are a few standout brands that will wash out (and not hang around for days), and that don’t sacrifice color for quality. Check out the colors that L’Oreal Professional sells in its liquid chalk, ranging from a Blue Ocean Cruise (cobalt) to Coral Sunset (bright coral) – and these are just under $20.

If you want something in an aerosol form, look at Rita Hazan POP Color ($18), which comes in three super-vivid shades. You can find both of these options on Amazon or at Sally’s Beauty Supply.


WHAT’S TRENDY: It’s unbelievable how successfully some designers can communicate their aesthetic through collaboration lines with lower-price merchandisers like Target or H&M – it almost makes you wonder why they have to hide their talents under such a high-price bushel the rest of the time.

One of the best I’ve ever seen is the upcoming Balmain/H&M collaboration. The signature Balmain look of defined shoulders, heavy blacks, bold metallics and intricate patterns are out in spades throughout the pieces in this collaboration.

The entire line is dropped on Nov. 5 in stores and online. You can see the lookbook at H&



Tue, 01/23/2018 - 23:44

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