Shopgirl: Fall accessories, weather app, a silent movie

Organist Ron Carter will play Sept. 21 at Sacred Heart Cultural Center during a showing of the silent film "Safety Last."



Labor Day is just around the corner, time to pack up our straw, linen and white bags. Fall accessories trends are exciting, though, so get a head start even though our temperatures aren't likely to feel like autumn for some time.

Shoulder bags are really structured this season, a little bit on the small side and usually with some kind of metallic detail. Just like we're seeing in clothing, styles are mimicking menswear. Clutches are very boxy as well, but I'm noticing more patterns like snakeskin or even a good plaid. Color-wise, most designers are using a mix of natural leather colors and then some deep tones including red, cobalt and forest green.



My favorite new app is Weather Neue, a simple yet elegant way to get the weather every day. It's a very basic app, but in my opinion way better than the weather app that comes pre-loaded onto your iPhone.

Weather Neue has the temperature for today front and center, with the high and low temps for today and the next three days along the bottom of the screen. The app also gives you the humidity, wind speed and direction right there on the home screen.

I think what I like the most about this app is how simple it is. There's only one screen, nothing to flip through and the temperature is the first thing you notice when the app comes up on the screen. The app is a free download from the App store.



Sacred Heart is holding a silent movie event Sept. 21, but it won't just be a silent room of people watching the screen. Theater organist Ron Carter will play accompanying music throughout the production to complete the experience.

The movie is Safety Last, a 1920s film starring Harold Lloyd, one of the big three comedians of the silent movie era. Lloyd plays an ambitious man who heads to the big city in order to make his fortune and marry the girl he loves.

Tickets are $18 and are available by calling the Sacred Heart office at (706) 826-4700.

A reception honoring Carter for his 10th season performing will begin at 6 p.m., and the movie begins at 7:30.