ShopGirl: Flip flops, photo fest and camera app



You’d be hard pressed to find better flip flops than Havaianas, the Brazilian-based company that works hard to live up to their slogan “Havaianas: the real thing.”

Thankfully, has come out with a monogrammed Havaiana that will make it clear whose flip flops are whose at the pool this year. The sandals come in six colors and have a pair of handy little magnetic metal discs with your initials on them to pop on and off. Perfect, right? High-quality detail but still the rugged flip flop you can hose down.

The Havaianas come in standard euro sizes, and are available in three kinds of monogram styles in 11 colors. They are $38 and available at



The biennial Augusta Photo Festival is back, and it’s open for submissions through Aug. 15.

The festival will showcase local photographers’ work, offer workshops for aspiring shutterbugs and hold competitions for photographers. There will also be photo safaris around the Miller Theater, Broad Street, the Augusta Canal and on the SunTrust building.

The festival is held every other year, designed to be spaced out enough so the organizers can be sure to do a fantastic job each year. I respect the organizers a lot for demonstrating this kind of restraint – and it gives us more anticipation.

Check the details out at



Maybe you aren’t ready to showcase your photos for all of Augusta to see, but we all like being able to take the best shots possible. My newest favorite photo app is called the VSCO Cam, made by Visual Supply Co.

The app costs $0.99 in the iTunes store and will take your iPhone photographs from snapshots to full-on art. The interface is outright gorgeous, always a good sign for any app dealing with visuals or graphics.

The features are really what makes this app. In addition to 10 beautiful filters, the app gives you the ability to edit with fill light, fade, grain, contrast, exposure and more.

“No one wants to spend hours meticulously editing photos on their phone. VSCO Cam delivers beautiful results in a quick and efficient manner – get in, get out and get on with life,” said Visual Supply Co. CEO and co-founder Joel Flory.



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