Historic home fair, transitioning your wardrobe into spring and grilling with your Android or iPhone



Historic Augusta is holding its inaugural Old House Fair on Saturday to connect owners of historic homes with companies that are preservation-minded and knowledgeable in rehabilitation.

Tickets are $10, and guests will be treated to three speakers and a hands-on workshop and vendor expo. The keynote luncheon will feature Richard Cloues, deputy state historic preservation officer for Georgia’s Historic Preservation Division. His lecture is titled The Ordinary Iconic Ranch House: Mid-20th-Century Ranch Houses in Georgia. Tickets for the keynote luncheon are an additional $10.

Proceeds go to Historic Augusta, whose mission is to preserve historically or architecturally significant sites in Augusta and Richmond County for future generations. To buy tickets or for more information, call (706) 724-0436.


The weather is warming up, and as tempting as the stores’ spring colors and sales are, you can get a fresh feel without buying anything new.

Transition times deserve a season to themselves, and clear days that are neither warm enough for bare legs nor cold enough for a jacket are the most frustrating to dress for. As we head into spring, start putting away the heavy winter items that take up a lot of room in your closet, and start pulling out light spring jackets or dresses that you can wear over leggings.

Even when the weather is still cold, I’m starting to get really tired of grays and browns. No matter how hard I try, my cold-weather wardrobe remains darker than the rest of the year. As it gets more spring-y, start to punctuate your outfits with one colorful thing. Scarves, necklaces and bags in the right shades can take a look from dismal to happy.


Weber has released its On the Grill app for Android phones, iPhone and iPad. The app is $4.99 and is a grilling companion with recipes, grilling tips, techniques and even a timer to keep your meats and other grilled items on track.

The app includes instructional videos that show you how professionals get their meats, fruits and vegetables grilled perfectly.

The recipes can be customized and altered by users for a more personal experience. The app offers itemized grocery lists that can be shared with friends and family.

On the Grill has a four star rating on iTunes and five stars at the Android marketplace.