Save money by making your own baby food

If you have an infant and you’re in sticker shock from the price of baby food at the grocery store, try making your own.


“The baby food section can kind of be a trap,” said Myra Slaybaugh, a financial adviser at First Command Financial Planning, who urges her clients to cut their grocery costs. “A lot of doctors would really like to see you just make it fresh from the produce aisle. Some parents are starting to see the value in just making the food themselves.”

Parents can buy fresh fruits and vegetables, puree them and save money, Slaybaugh said. If parents aren’t sure about the correct consistency for making the food, she recommends asking their pediatrician.

“They can actually show you the right consistencies of different types of foods at different stages for your kids. For instance, how do you know if you’ve got it pureed enough for a 6 month old versus a 12 month old?” Slaybaugh said.

Having a baby can easily add $100 to $200 to a family’s grocery bill per month, including diapers, baby wipes, food and bottles, she said.

“When you go down that baby food aisle, it’s very tempting. It’s a convenience factor to grab all these jars of baby food off the shelf and use those, but the expense can be huge sometimes,” Slaybaugh said. “The money that you can save in the grocery store could be something that you could use directly to help influence the future of that child.”


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